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The Beauty of Stem Cells

At this point in time everyone has heard of stem cells. It was originally thought that stem cells were useful primarily for curing disease. However, it has been shown that stem cells have other uses as well, one of which is the way that it can aid in enhancing one’s beauty. Here it is important to differentiate between embryonic and fat stem cells. Embryonic stem cells, while they show great promise, are still controversial, undergoing testing, and not available in therapies in the United States. However, fat stem cells, which come from the fatty deposits on the individual’s own body, are just as promising, but without the controversy. Doctors now know that using stems cells from fat helps improve one’s appearance can produce longer lasting cosmetic results.

One of the areas that stem cells can be useful is in natural breast augmentation. In this procedure, fat from the woman’s thighs or buttocks is removed by way of liposuction and then transferred into her breasts. This has several benefits over silicone breast augmentation, namely because it is safer and results in less artificial-looking and feeling breasts.

Facial rejuvenation commonly uses stem cells from fat. It has been shown that when fat from the individual’s own body is injected into the face, the cells help to increase blood supply to the tissues, leading to a true, long-lasting physical transformation.

Stem cell fat transfer is also useful in butt augmentation. During this procedure, fat is taken via liposuction from the stomach, purified, and then injected into the buttocks. Because of this practice, the body ends up very nicely contoured. The fat stem cells help in this situation by creating a desirable figure.

In procedures involving the rejuvenation of hands, the neck, and the calves, stem cells from fat are all helpful. The fat injections that go into these parts of the body are enhanced by the stem cells. As a result of their presence, these parts of the body will receive more blood and oxygen supply and will keep looking younger.

Stem cells are perhaps the most exciting scientific discovery in recent history. Plastic surgeons the world over are beginning to use them because of their promise in producing truly astounding cosmetic results. They are useful in a variety of cosmetic procedures and are helping to create satisfied cosmetic surgery customers. It turns out that the key to improving one’s appearance truly comes from within one’s own body.

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