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Stem Cells and How They Can Make You Beautiful

We hear everyday in the media how stem cells harvested from embryos is an extremely ethical procedure. Even now, doctors have unveiled a new procedure called Stem Cell Breast Augmentation. Hearing this, most clients think that unborn babies are used in the operation, but that’s further from the true. What the media doesn’t want you to know is that stem cells are made each and everyday in our body, mostly from fat. Stem Cell Breast Augmentation means transferring fatty tissue into the breasts to make them larger. Implants are not used and even though stem cells are used, it is not the same stem cells that the media portrays.

With this procedure, fat is extracted from the hips, thighs or waist. Stem cells are extracted from the fat and are placed into the breast tissue. After a period of time the fatty tissue increases and creates a perfectly sculpted breast without implants. Stem cells have the unique ability to perform the same roles and functions of the cells that surround them. Since the cells are harvested from fat and placed in a fat like environment, the stem cells will assume the roles of fat cells and are indistinguishable from other fat cells in the body.

This procedure is the next advancement in breast augmentation and finally offer an alternative to implants. When foreign objects are entered into the body, there is a risk for infection, rejection, error, and deformation. With the new procedure, the “implant” is fat from the patient undergoing the augmentation. Offering an increase in about one cup size the procedure is gaining popularity and acclaim from patients and doctors everywhere.

Stems cells have been also used in fatty transfer to the butt, calves, hands, neck and face. Instead of harmful implants, try something that’s safer and natural. Think you’re ready for stem cell augmentation, facial rejuvenation and more? Visit to talk to a specialist today and have all of your questions answered.

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