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Stem Cells And Fat Transfer Procedures

Innovative new techniques in cosmetic fat transfer procedures employ the latest medical technologies in fat harvesting and adult stem cell transfers. These procedures can help slow down the body’s aging process by reshaping the face and other parts of the body for a healthier, more youthful appearance.

Medical research shows that patented fat growth enhancement can increase the benefits of stem cells in fat transfer procedures. At the Center for SmartLipo in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, cosmetic surgeon Dr. Richard M. Goldfarb uses a unique process that enhances the effect of fat transfer in cosmetic procedures. Typical fat transfer has a 60 to 70 percent survival rate. Stem cell technology has increased this rate to 80 percent. Dr. Goldfarb’s procedure goes even further, increasing the rate to 90 percent, for better and longer-lasting results.

Stem cells are biological cells found in all multi-cellular organisms. Their chief characteristic is the ability to renew themselves to produce more stem cells through cell division. Today, stem cells can be artificially grown and transformed into a diverse range of specialized cells through cell culture. These new cells are consistent with other tissue cells, such as nerve cells and muscle cells.

The benefits of stem cells in fat transfer procedures and other cosmetic treatments are many and varied. Stem cells can be used in fat transfer to the neck, face, calves, hands, and butt; facial rejuvenation; natural breast augmentation; and other procedures. Natural cells last longer than synthetic cells, and Dr. Goldfarb combines fat transfers with a platelet rich plasma (PRP) called Selphyl. This technique greatly enhances the fat cell survival rate.

Nicknamed the “vampire filler,” Selphyl is a simple, cost-effective treatment that is also hypoallergenic and reproducible. Plastic surgeons and dermatologists use Selphyl to harvest a patient’s own biologic cells and platelets to treat wrinkles, skin folds, acne scars, skin depressions, and other imperfections. Using a naturally-derived filler instead of synthetic, plastic, or animal-derived products ensures a safe, natural rejuvenation.

Dr. Goldfarb’s practice at the Center for SmartLipo is the only one in the United States that uses patented fat growth enhancement for a 90 percent survival rate. For more information or to schedule a procedure, visit the Center for SmartLipo at

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