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Awake Tummy Tuck Philadelphia

Because it’s usually a fairly invasive surgery, most tummy tucks are done under general anesthesia. But the Center for Smart Lipo now offers their patients a tummy tuck that utilizes local anesthesia. This removes the risk of general anesthesia. The benefits of the operation itself are also enhanced. The surgeon is able to tighten the skin more and reduce the amount of scarring. The amount of time the patient needs to recover is also reduced because of the local anesthesia.

The procedure is actually called the Avelar technique and uses an innovative way to treat thick abdomens burdened by rolls of skin and fat. Before this technique the surgery had to be quite invasive and still left the patient with lots of fat and excess skin. The Avelar technique removes nearly all of the excess, unwanted tissue. It also preserves most of the blood vessels in the patient’s abdomen.

The best candidates for the tummy tuck Philadelphia are healthy and active men and women who, despite their exercise regimes and active lifestyles, are still bothered by “spare tires,” and loose, sagging skin around their abdomen. The procedure is especially helpful for women who’ve experienced a few pregnancies and whose tummies have simply never regained their old firmness. It’s also good for older people whose bodies are experiencing the consequences of aging. The surgery is safe for people who’ve had prior abdominal surgery.

People who undergo the awake tummy tuck Philadelphia or the Avelar abdominoplasty rarely suffer serious complications. Risks of the surgery include infection at the surgical wound site, but this can be easily treated. Since the patient has received local anesthesia they can be up and moving sooner than they would have if they’d had general anesthesia. This cuts the risk of potentially dangerous blood clots. Conscientious self-care after the operation can also reduce the risk of the skin at the surgical site pulling apart as well as infection. Patients should take it easy and not undertake strenuous activity for some time after the awake tummy tuck Philadelphia.

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