Dr. Goldfarb Speaks at the Silhouette Soft Symposium

A pioneer of the Silhouette Lift procedure for facial rejuvenation, Dr. Richard Goldfarb was a presenter at the 13th Aesthetic & Anti-aging Medicine World Congress meeting in Monaco. Currently the Medical Director for Silhouette Lift, Dr. Goldfarb has helped to develop the revolutionary, minimally invasive technique and is a national and international trainer and lecturer for the Silhouette Lift procedure.

Dr. Goldfarb presented at the Silhouette Soft Symposium for facial rejuvenation during the multi day meeting in March, discussing the Silhouette Lift. A ground breaking, minimally invasive alternative to the facelift, Silhouette Lift uses special sutures to tighten areas of the face and neck. An FDA approved procedure, the Silhouette Lift enables patients to achieve lasting results in about an hour- with little down time for recovery.

A highly trained and experienced physician, Dr. Goldfarb has over 30 years of experience as a general, vascular and cosmetic surgeon. He is both a practitioner and educator today, dedicating many hours each year to teaching colleagues the procedures and techniques that he has refined and pioneered. Dr. Goldfarb has developed a technique to combine the Silhouette Lift with fat transfer and Selphyl® for total facial rejuvenation, now known as “The Goldfarb Procedure”.

Thousands of Silhouette Lift procedures have been performed around the globe, helping patients to address cosmetic concerns without the risks, recovery and costs associated with a traditional surgical facelift. For more information on Silhouette Lift or to learn about the treatment options best suited to your specific needs, schedule a consultation with Dr. Goldfarb at the Center For Smart Lipo and Plastic Surgery in Bucks County.