Dr. Goldfarb Trains Cosmetic Doctor to the Stars in LA

Dr. Goldfarb, the Medical Director and national trainer for Silhouette Lift®, recently traveled to Los Angeles, California to train Dr. Harold Lancer, skin care expert for the stars of Hollywood.

Dr. Lancer has treated Ellen DeGeneres, Kim Kardashian and Ryan Seacrest among many others. He is considered a leading expert in skin care and rejuvenation in the LA area. The founder of the Lancer Method and a line of skin care products, he turned to Dr. Goldfarb for his training and expertise when choosing to add Silhouette Lift® to his cosmetic services.

Silhouette Lift® is a revolutionary, minimally invasive face lift which provides remarkable results for patients who want to reduce lines, wrinkles and skin sagging of the face and neck without a surgical procedure. Dr. Goldfarb was a pioneer in the development of this procedure and has also developed the “Goldfarb Procedure”, which combines Silhouette Lift with fat transfer and Selphyl® for a total facial rejuvenation.

During his visit with Dr. Lancer, Dr. Goldfarb performed an in office procedure as part of the hands on instruction that is important to both he and his colleagues for ensuring the best possible training and subsequent results for patients. Silhouette Lift is an in office procedure performed with local anesthesia in approximately one hour. In most cases, patients experience very little discomfort and return to their normal daily routine in 2-4 days.

Dr. Golfarb offers the Silhouette Lift®, in addition to a wide range of cosmetic treatments and procedures, in his Philadelphia area cosmetic practice. The Center for Smart Lipo & Plastic Surgery is conveniently located off of I-95 in Langhorne, PA.