Bubble Butt Lift for a Better Butt

Big booties are the most popular physical trait, and everyone wants to increase the size of their posteriors. Some people are born with naturally robust rumps, but for those with flat or small butts, a Bubble Butt Lift may be able to help achieve that round, firm bubble butt of their dreams. A Bubble Butt Lift is a revolutionary procedure that increases volume, tightens and rounds the butt without the use or risks of synthetic implants all while reducing fat in unwanted regions of the body. Center for SmartLipo and Plastic Surgery of Langhorne, PA offers Bubble Butt Lifts for bigger, better butts.

Bubble butt lift

How Do Bubble Butt Lifts Work?

The Bubble Butt Lift actually takes fat from unwanted places on your own body and uses it fill the buttocks. It may sound too good to be true, but it really does work. Fat will be removed from the love handles, abdomen or thighs.

Once removed, the fat is purified by a centrifugation process. Then, through a series of tiny injections, the fat is placed into the butt filling and lifting the skin. Dr. Goldfard’s highly trained aesthetic eye and years of experience allow for smooth, even and natural looking results.

SPYDR Sutures for a Better Butt Lift

Unique to Dr. Goldfarb’s practice is the combination of bubble butt lifts with SPYDR sutures. This combination of treatments allows for longer lasting and adjustable result. SPYDR sutures are threads that anchor to fatty tissues of the buttocks and lift the backside into a higher position. These sutures allow Dr. Goldfarb to make adjustments and retighten the butt as it naturally falls over time.

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Center for Smart Lipo offers the Bubble Butt Lift as a more natural way to increase the appeal and aesthetics of the buttocks. Every patient will undergo a thorough health exam to ensure that they are healthy and viable for a Bubble Butt procedure. Patients are required to have 10-20 pounds of excess fat for removal for a successful treatment. Your Center for Smart Lipo doctor will discuss the requirements to make you an ideal candidate. Contact our Langhorne, PA office to learn more about the Bubble Butt Lift procedure.