SmartLipo FAQ

SmartLipo is a revolutionary laser-assisted liposuction procedure designed to eliminate stubborn fat. Many patients experience fat bulges that are resistant to diet and exercise and feel frustrated that they can not achieve the body they want. Dr. Richard Goldfard offers Smartlipo as a minimally invasive way to reduce fatty areas.

Langhorne, PA doctor Dr. Goldfard, is the founder of Center for SmartLipo & Plastic Surgery. Dr. Goldfarb is highly trained to administer and teach SmartLipo to fellow physicians. Dr. GOldfarb helps patients achieve the bodies of their dreams.

Can SmartLipo get rid of cellulite?

SmartLipo helps to stimulate natural collagen production for up to 3 months post-treatment. Increased collagen production may help to tighten skin. Dr. Goldfarb may recommend a combination of SmartLipo and Accent Cellulite reduction treatment for optimal cellulite reduction.

Is SmartLipo right for me?

Dr. GOldfard generally reccomeneds SmartLipo for patients within 25lbs of their ideal weight. SmartLipo is most effective for patients with localized areas of fat deposits that are resistant to diet and exercise. Every patient will receive a personal consultation and health exam to determine the best course of treatment. Dr. Goldfarb may recommend SmartLipo or other cosmetic treatments to achieve your optimal results.

How many treatments with SmartLipo will I need?

Typically, patients only require one SmartLipo treatment. The exact number of treatments will be determined by the size and location of the areas to be treated and goals of the individual patient.

What are the benefits of SmartLipo?

  • Minimal bruising
  • No sutures
  • Minimal downtime
  • Up to 70% improvement in skin tightening
  • Improved appearance of cellulite and stretch marks *results may vary
  • Ideal for concentrated fat in areas such as the abdomen, hips, back, legs, thighs, ankles, arms, neck, and face
  • Results after a single treatment with continued improvement in the months following the procedure

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