Silhouette Facelift FAQ

Do you feel younger than you look in the mirror? Do you want a fuller, firmer look without the commitment and downtime of a facelift? Silhouette Facelift may be able to match your appearance to your youthful spirit. 

Philadelphia, PA cosmetic doctor Dr. Richard Goldfarb is a board certified cosmetic doctor that offers Silhouette Soft. A leader in innovative procedures, Dr. Goldfarb, is a sought-after cosmetic surgeon by both patients and fellow doctors. Dr. Goldfard is on the board of Silhouette Lift and helped to design the FDA approved Silhouette Soft procedure technique. He is highly trained, has a natural eye for facial esthetic and helps patients enjoy lasting, natural, beautiful results using Silhouette Lift.

FAQ: Silhouette Facelift

How long does the Silhouette Facelift procedure take?

The Silhouette facelift is typically completed in under 1 hour from the comfort of our Langhorne, PA office.  Silhouette facelift is an out-patient procedure and can usually be completed using only local anesthesia and enjoy results almost right after treatment.

What areas can the Silhouette Facelift procedure improve?

Silhouette Facelift is designed to lift and tighten sagging, aging skin on the face and neck.  It is an ideal solution for tightening sagging skin in the mid to lower face including the neck and jowls, common problem areas for aging women.

What is the downtime for Silhouette Facelift?

Silhouette facelift offers patients a quick recovery. Most patients return to their normal activity in just 2-4 days. Silhouette facelift is a minimally-invasive treatment that only requires a tiny incision that can be made in the temporal region of the face. Scarring is minimal and will be barely, if at all, noticeable.

How long do the results from Silhouette Facelift last?

With Silhouette Facelift patients enjoy a firmer, fuller, more sculpted face for up to 4 years. Results vary, and Dr. Goldfarb offers a retightening procedure. If patients feel they need a “touch-up” Dr. Goldfarb can perform a simple retightening of the sutures extending results for an additional four years.

Is a Silhouette Facelift safe?

Silhouette Facelift is FDA approved, and CE marked in Europe. The procedure is considered safe, and Dr. Goldfarb had not only years of experience but helped to design and refine the technique for creating natural, beautiful results. Dr. Goldfarb and our team will be sure you fully understand the procedure before treatment so that you may make well informed

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The Silhouette facelift gives patients the firm and full youthful appearance they desire without invasive surgery. Silhouette Facelift is a facelift alternative that offers long-term results that look natural. If you wish your face were tighter or firmer, contact our Langhorne Cosmetic Doctor office or click here to request a consultation online.