Awake Tummy Tuck

Avelar Awake Tummy Tuck is a unique alternative to traditional invasive tummy tuck surgery. Combining abdominoplasty and liposuction, Dr. Goldfarb can reduce excess skin and tighten and tone the abnormal area without intensive cutting or the need for anesthesia.

Dr. Goldfarb offers Avelar Tummy Tucks as a body contouring procedure in his Philadelphia area cosmetic surgery center. A highly trained cosmetic doctor, Dr. Goldfarb has advanced training in the method offering patients highly predictable and natural looking results.

What can an Awake Tummy Tuck achieve for me?

The Avelar Awake Tummy Tuck is like a “mini tummy tuck.” Dr. Goldfarb reccomeneds the Avelar tummy tuck for patients looking to tighten loose abdominal skin. Many patients who have experienced weight loss or loosening of skin due to childbirth can benefit from an awake tummy tuck.

Can an Avelar Tummy Tuck fix an abdomen tear?

No. Avelar Awake Tummy Tucks are not designed to address muscle tears or relocation of a belly button. For patients with more complex requirements, Dr. Goldfarb may recommend an alternative treatment for optimal results.

Dr. Goldfarb will meet with you, perform a thorough physical examination and discuss your personal cosmetic goals to determine if the Avelar Tummy Tuck is right for you.