Build Muscle & Burn Fat

Do you wish you could burn fat and build muscles without the long hours you have to put in at the gym?

Dr. Richard Goldfarb remains on the cutting edge of technology and innovation in cosmetic medicine. His latest project in collaboration with  BTL and associates was recently revealed at a ribbon-cutting ceremony at ASLMS. This revolutionary piece of equipment builds muscles while it burns fat- it is like nothing else on the market.

Meet the EMSCULPT®

EMSCULPT is the only treatment on the market that burns fat and builds muscle simultaneously. Whether you are looking for a more sculpted stomach or an instant booty lift, EMSCULPT is the noninvasive solution you have been looking for.

How does EMSCULPT work?

High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic technology causes the supramaximal muscles to contract, forcing the muscles to burn out and rebuild. The inner layer of muscle begins to remodel a process that naturally burns fat in the body.

Like working out at the gym, EMSCULPT feels like you are building muscles and burning fat. Lay back, relax, burn fat and build muscle with EMSCULPT.

After the last treatment patients typically see results in two weeks that improve for weeks after. Patients enjoy no downtimes and can return to their daily routine after their procedures.