Get the Legs You Want for Summer!

As the weather gets warmer, it’s time to think about showing off your legs this summer. But after the long winter, are they looking the way you want them to? Dr. Richard Goldfarb of Center for SmartLipo and Plastic Surgery offers various treatments from laser spider vein treatment to Philadelphia SmartLipo for your legs. Read more about our offerings for cosmetic leg treatment.philadelphia smartlipo

Varicose and Spider Vein Treatment

As we get older, we’re more likely to have unsightly veins that develop on our legs. Spider veins are smaller clusters of veins that typically lay flat, but spread throughout the skin. Varicose veins are bigger, are usually bulging, and can be painful for you to deal with. Dr. Goldfarb has treatment options that can assist with either type of vein.

For spider veins and smaller clusters of veins, we offer laser spider vein treatment. It’s virtually painless and can diminish the appearance of spider veins quickly and easily.

For larger, painful varicose veins, sclerotherapy is the best form of treatment. Another fairly painless treatment, a special solution is injected into your bulging veins. It causes irritation in the veins, causing them to collapse. With a bit of time, these veins then fade from view after collapsing.

Shaping and Definition

Even with working out and staying in shape, you may not have the legs you want. Things like cellulite and sagging skin are symptoms of aging that you can’t magically work off. Our cosmetic treatment options, however, can help you get the look you’re going for.

If cellulite is your biggest struggle, Viora Reaction is the treatment for you. It helps with both loose skin and cellulite and is non-invasive, meaning virtually no recovery time. It utilizes radiofrequency technology to break up your fat cells. Viora Reaction also stimulates your body’s natural collagen production, improving the elasticity in your skin that diminishes with age.

To both remove fat and tighten up the skin, Philadelphia SmartLipo is a great option for both women and men. It’s minimally invasive, meaning little bruising and downtime after the procedure. Even if you’re focusing on your legs, SmartLipo is ideal for use on the entire body, so you can use it on other problem areas if you determine you want to sculpt other places on your body.

Hair and Tattoo Removal

One of the most annoying things about summer is having to shave your legs all the time. It’s tedious, time-consuming, and shaving never fully gives you the hairless look you want. Laser hair removal means no more shaving and having truly smooth, hairless legs.

If you have old, faded tattoos, they may put a damper on your self-esteem. This also goes for ones that may be poorly done or that you no longer feel an attachment to. Laser tattoo removal takes a few sessions, depending on how dark the tattoo is. But it’s worth it to be able to show off legs without those tattoos that you no longer wanted to see in the mirror.

Philadelphia SmartLipo and Cosmetic Leg Treatments

It’s time to get a leg makeover so you can put your best look out there for this summer season. Call us today or schedule an appointment online to determine the best treatment for your problem areas!