Get Your Summer Body With EMSCULPT

Particularly with COVID-19, with gyms being closed, many of us may not have had the time or energy to get that beach body we were hoping for this summer. Luckily, at Center for SmartLipo and Plastic Surgery, Dr. Richard Goldfarb has an option that can get you a summer body without hitting the weights and cardio. Read on to learn more about EMSCULPT in Philadelphia, PA.emsculpt in philadelphia, pa


EMSCULPT is a body contouring treatment that’s non-invasive and approved by the FDA. It uses what’s known as HIFEM®, or High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetics. This creates muscle contractions in the area that’s being treated that are more intense than the muscle contractions that are caused when you’re exercising. The contractions help to reduce fat cells in your body while simultaneously building muscle mass.

The results of EMSCULPT speak for themselves. On average, we’ve seen a 16% increase in muscle mass and a 19% decrease in fat in our patients. 96% have reported that they’re fully satisfied with this procedure.

Why Dr. Goldfarb?

With EMSCULPT in particular, you’re in skilled hands with Dr. Goldfarb. In 2019 he won Best Nonsurgical Body Shaping Enhancement at The Aesthetic Awards Show using EMSCULPT. He’s also known for his experience with SmartLipo™ and SculpSure®, specializing in methods that reduce fat. He’s able to discuss your goals with you and help you choose the best treatment option for your body and needs.

What to Expect With the EMSCULPT Process

With any patient seeking our services, we schedule a consultation with Dr. Goldfarb first. As mentioned, Dr. Goldfarb is highly experienced in the area of fat reduction. He’ll want to go over a detailed description of what you’re looking to get out of treatment so that he can find the best way to help you meet your goals.

The consultation also contains a review of your full medical history, including any current conditions. Some treatment options may not be available to you based on your medical problems. While EMSCULPT is widely available because it’s non-invasive, patients that have pacemakers or metal anywhere in their body are not eligible for this procedure. Dr. Goldfarb can help you find another option that’ll get you the results you want.

However, for most patients looking to tone muscle in their abdomen or buttocks, EMSCULPT is often the solution. It’s also an effective treatment for diastasis recti in women. This is a condition that occurs during pregnancy that separates the abdominal muscles.

A typical EMSCULPT session lasts about a half-hour. EMSCULPT paddles are gently applied to the specified treatment area. These give you those intense muscle contractions via electromagnetic energy throughout the session. The number of sessions may be different for everyone. Dr. Goldfarb will discuss this with you in your initial consultation and will recommend a number of sessions based on your goals.

EMSCULPT in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Ready to get the toned tummy and backside you want to show off at the beach this summer? Call Center for SmartLipo and Plastic Surgery or schedule a consultation online!