What to Expect From an IPL Photofacial

We all want to have smooth, perfect skin. But the impacts of aging, the sun, and various skin conditions can make that dream hard to achieve. At Center for SmartLipo and Plastic Surgery, we offer an IPL photofacial, or photorejuvenation to get you the flawless skin you want. Learn more about getting a photofacial in Philadelphia.photofacial in philadelphia

What a Photofacial Can Treat

Photofacials can take on a variety of conditions. As we age, we’re more likely to get things like sunspots and sun-induced freckles the more our skin is exposed to the sun. Age spots and brown spots are common as we get older as well. A photofacial treatment can take care of both of these issues, as well as fine lines and wrinkles.

Not every skin issue comes on with age. Port-wine birthmarks may have been something that’s been bothering you since you were a child. Conditions like rosacea and broken capillaries cause redness in the face, even when you’re not blushing or flushed from heat or working out. Photofacials can treat all of these problems.

What to Expect From an IPL Photofacial

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. These high-intensity pulses of light are designed to penetrate through the top layer of skin, or the epidermis, to treat conditions in the deeper layer of tissue called the dermis. One of the best parts of this procedure is that there’s virtually no recovery time since it doesn’t impact the surface of your skin.

Photofacial treatment is spread out over about 1-3 sessions to get the ideal result, for 30-45 minutes a session. The light is administered via a handheld device that’s gently passed over your skin. Since each patient is different, your doctor will determine which wavelength is best for your skin type and conditions and adjust the device accordingly.

This procedure is fairly comfortable. Some patients experience something they compare to a rubber band snap during the treatment. At your request, we can apply a topical numbing cream before we do the photofacial to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible.

After the Procedure

Because it’s non-invasive and targets deeper layers of skin, you’re able to do this procedure on your lunch hour and return to work right after. The only real side effect patients tend to experience is redness to your skin, similar in appearance to a sunburn. This can happen after any of the 3-6 treatments over six weeks.

A quality skincare routine is crucial to keep up the results of a photofacial. No facial rejuvenation treatment is able to reverse the process of aging, but it can certainly reduce or reverse the appearance of certain parts of it. Make sure you invest in high-quality skincare products and take the time to do an extensive skincare routine. You may also get maintenance treatments to keep up the effects of the photofacial.

IPL Photofacials in Philadelphia, PA

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