Hair Restoration Aftercare Tips

Hair loss can be devastating and massively affect self-esteem. Treatment is available with follicular unit extraction, often referred to as FUE. With this procedure, you can restore healthy hair growth with a transplant. Your doctor can graft hair follicles to areas of your scalp that are balding. Patients see a 90% success rate of hair restoration with FUE treatment. Once hair is restored, how can a patient ensure the effects are long-lasting? The Center for Smartlipo & Plastic Surgery in the Philadelphia area offers tips for maintaining your hair after FUE restoration treatment philadelphia

Take it easy

The FUE procedure is out-patient, meaning patients can return home the same day as their treatment. However, your doctor will advise you to wait three days before resuming your normal activities. After your procedure, your body needs time to recover. The surgeon will remove bandages in-office directly following the procedure, but you should keep an eye on the wounds as they heal. Scarring is a typical side effect, but swelling, soreness, and bleeding could be signs of infection. If you notice these symptoms, you should contact your doctor as soon as possible.

Wait to wash

Your doctor will advise you to wait a few days following your procedure before washing your hair. This waiting period will allow the grafts to stabilize and the wounds to heal. When you first begin washing your hair again, you should use mild shampoos for several weeks to avoid overstimulating the area. Your doctor will also ask you to avoid brushing or combing your newly transplanted hair for three weeks for similar reasons. Some hair falling out after the surgery is normal. It is also common for transplanted hair to take a few months to grow normally.

Keep it clean

Once you are able to wash and care for your hair normally, after a period of healing, you should maintain good hygiene for long-lasting results. Washing your hair a minimum of twice per week will ensure dead cells are not weighing your hair down and your scalp can remain healthy. Massaging shampoo deep into your scalp as you wash will remove excess oil and dirt too. Your hair should be rinsed well afterward to avoid flaking. Proper hair hygiene can keep your scalp and hair healthy and retain hair restoration effects permanently.

Hair restoration available from Smartlipo in Philadelphia

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