SmartLipo in Philadelphia

smartlipo procedure in langhorne paAre you looking for SmartLipo services in Philadelphia? At Center for SmartLipo & Plastic Surgery, we help patients within reach of their aesthetic goals get rid of stubborn fat pockets with our SmartLipo services. SmartLipo is an FDA approved laser-assisted liposuction procedure that liquefies fat cells and destroys them while also tightening any surrounding skin. Learn more about our SmartLipo services before visiting our Philadelphia medical spa:

SmartLipo in Philadelphia

Patients love SmartLipo because it is an excellent solution for addressing unwanted fat in almost any area of the body. This is because SmartLipo is a minimally invasive procedure that allows the patient to remain awake and avoid the need for costly general anesthesia.  Using a local anesthetic to keep the affected area comfortable, our Philadelphia cosmetic doctors will make an incision and insert the laser into the layer of fat through a small, metal tube. Heat from the laser causes the fat to liquify, making it easier to suction out. SmartLipo can be used to address issues like turkey necks, man boobs, double chins, and love handles. It can also be used to tone areas like your calves, abdomen, and arms.

SmartLipo is ideal for patients within 25 pounds of their ideal weight, and is meant to treat areas in which proper diet and exercise are ineffective. Once completing the SmartLipo procedure, patients can maintain their results forever by maintaining a good diet and by exercising daily. When considering this treatment option, remember to manage you expectations. SmartLipo is not intended to make you look like a completely different person, but instead to sculpt and reshape targeted areas. You should see a noticeable change to the targeted area immediately following the treatment, with ideal results appearing 3-4 months prior to the initial procedure.

If you are interested in our SmartLipo services, a consultation is required to determine if you are a candidate for this treatment option. (Most people are!) Prior to receiving treatment, we will need to take some blood tests as well as provide you with the instructions you’ll need for preparing for the procedure at home. No aspirin, ibuprofen (i.e. Advil, Aleve, Motrin, etc), steroids or anti-inflammatory medications other than Tylenol should be taken within two weeks of the procedure. You will also need to discontinue taking all multivitamins including St. John’s wort, Ginko Biloba, Fish Oil and Omega–3 Fatty acids two weeks before. If you take a blood thinner regularly (baby aspirin, coumadin, plavix, etc.) please let us know.

Patient Review of Center For SmartLipo & Plastic Surgery

“Got my procedure done on March 29th. I have to say the staff were super helpful. I was so nervous! However, they reassuredme that I was going to be ok! Recovery was quick and I love my results.” – Marilyn G. 

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