Does Liposuction Differ for Men and Women?

How Does Liposuction affect Men and Women?

Many people assume body sculpting treatments like liposuction are for women only. However, men can receive liposuction to help them get rid of unwanted fat and build a tighter look to their skin too.

People of different genders have medical and aesthetic needs that vary from each other. But both men and women can have the same fundamental procedure with weight loss surgery like liposuction from their aesthetic doctor. Read on to learn more about how men can experience liposuction fat removal treatment.

Does Liposuction Differ for Men and Women?

Addressing Your Unique Body Goals

With the various physical differences between male and female body types, you may wonder how patients of all genders can find success with the same process. This one treatment can help many patients, no matter their gender. When it comes to aesthetic medicine, the achievement comes by not using a “one-size-fits-all” approach.

Before your weight loss treatment, your doctor will consult with you about your desired results from body sculpting. They will discuss your needs as well as your medical condition to learn if liposuction is the best way to reach your goals. If you are eligible, your doctor can suggest the SmartLipo weight loss procedure to help you remove fat directly from the targeted parts of your body.

Men may have different areas of interest than women. Women often aim to slim the contour of their bodies. They may want to target weight gain related to pregnancy too. Men can use liposuction to build definition in certain parts of the body, like the abs and chest. They may also want to choose this treatment to address gynecomastia.

The doctor will provide treatment based on your unique medical condition and body goals. Your gender does not outrightly impact your treatment plan. Your doctor will conduct Liposuction only on the parts of your body that you request treatment on.

Men Can Expect the Same Process as Women

Though a patient may have liposuction done to different parts of the body, the process itself remains roughly the same. This means that men and women will have the same weight loss treatment if they pursue SmartLipo.

Patients of any gender will receive the same guidelines to prepare for their treatment. These will include ceasing certain medications and drinking plenty of water. SmartLipo will involve using a small tube with a laser under the skin of the designated area of the body. The laser bursts fat cells and liquifies them. Then the doctor will use a suction tool to remove the fluid from the body.

At the same time, the laser promptly coagulates blood vessels in the area to reduce swelling and bruising after the process. Patients of any gender can often finish this treatment within one session, though obese patients might need more than one visit to their doctor.

Both men and women can expect to wear a compression garment over the site as they heal. Ask your doctor for more detailed recovery expectations; which should not differ due to gender.