Tummy Tuck Recovery Tips

Recovery Tips After Tummy Tuck Surgery

Want to tighten the skin around your abdomen? One of the most common procedures to remove sagging skin in this area is a tummy tuck. If you want to target skin below the belly button, a mini tummy tuck can provide a less invasive way to achieve your body sculpting goals.

As with any medical procedure, you can anticipate some downtime after a mini tummy tuck. But how can you make sure you heal properly and efficiently? Read on to find three tips to help you bounce back better after your tummy tuck treatment.

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Arrange for Assistance Ahead of Your Procedure

Your doctor can perform a tummy tuck using a local anesthetic, but full tummy tucks will usually need general anesthesia. This will mean you need to arrange for someone to drive you home after the procedure as you may feel groggy for the rest of the day.

Certain pain medications may also impact your ability to operate a vehicle. Discuss your aftercare needs with your doctor so that you know what may affect your daily routine.

Your doctor will also ask you not to bend over or lift heavy items as you recover from this procedure. This will overwork the muscles affected by the incision and could hinder your overall recovery. You might need to arrange for someone to help you with childcare or chores around the house to avoid hurting yourself as you heal.

If you suffer an injury, like reopening an incision, do not hesitate to tell your doctor. The length of recovery will vary for each patient and depending on the type of tummy tuck treatment received.

Pay Attention to Your Incision Site

Your doctor will need to make an incision in your abdomen to access the deeper layers of skin, fat, and muscle. A full tummy tuck will use a larger incision than a mini tummy tuck. But both treatments will need careful attention during recovery.

The doctor will cover the incision with a dressing, which will need cleaning and changing approximately every other day. Those who receive a full tummy tuck may have tubes that drain the area. Your doctor will provide instructions to maintain these as you need them.

When you care for this incision site, you may notice swelling, bruising, and discomfort. You should look for signs of infection though, in which case you will need to contact your doctor as soon as possible. These symptoms can include immense pain, fever, or pus.

Follow Your Doctor’s Aftercare Instructions

Before your procedure, you will meet with your doctor for a consultation. This appointment offers an ideal opportunity to discuss what you can expect for your treatment and recovery in your unique case.

They will give you aftercare instructions, which you should follow when you leave the doctor’s office to heal quickly and properly. These guidelines can help you feel as comfortable as possible while allowing your body to heal without issue. They can help you avoid complications that could keep you off your feet for longer. Ask your doctor if you have any questions about your upcoming treatment.