Preparing for a Body Aesthetic Consult

Your body will change as you age and alter your lifestyle. If you feel unhappy or uncomfortable with the way that you look, you may suffer a significant decline in self-esteem. This can bleed into other aspects of your life and impact the way you carry yourself.

You can meet with an aesthetic physician in Langhorne, PA to find cosmetic treatments that can enhance the appearance of your body. You can feel more at ease during this appointment if you know what to expect before you arrive at the office. Read on to find a step-by-step account of what will occur when you visit your Bucks County doctor for a consult about body contouring.

consult with your aesthetic physician in Langhorne Pennsylvania

What to Expect from a Cosmetic Consultation

Evaluation of Health and Wellness

When you meet with your aesthetic physician, though you schedule this visit to discuss your cosmetic goals, they will want to evaluate your overall health first. They can best understand the cosmetic treatments that will suit your needs and will work with your unique physicality when they know your medical history.

The doctor can also determine your eligibility for certain procedures during this consult. If you have underlying medical conditions, it might be unsafe for you to participate in some body sculpting treatments. Your doctor can help you find alternative ways to achieve your aesthetic goals in these cases.

Discussion of Body Aesthetic Goals

Once your doctor has learned more about your body and your existing health conditions, you and the doctor can talk about your desired body aesthetic. You can tell them about areas on your body that you have concerns about. Then you can expand on what you would like these spots to look like.

The doctor can then address any of your questions and concerns about potential body sculpting treatment options. They can formulate a plan unique to your needs that will accomplish your goals. To get the ideal custom plan for you, they can factor in your preferences, comfort levels, and budget.

They can also give you a firm idea of what your final results will look like. This way, you can have solid expectations throughout the process. If you are worried about the invasiveness of some body-shaping treatments, ask your doctor about procedures that use laser technology.

Plan Body Contouring Procedures

With a treatment plan in place, you can work with our front office staff to schedule any necessary procedures. Your doctor will let you know how many sessions you will need to finish your treatment and how long each appointment will take.

Patients seeking targeted fat removal with SmartLipo will usually only need one session to achieve their goals. However, you might need more than one appointment if it is part of another procedure like a tummy tuck surgery.

The amount of fat removed, and whether or not you want a fat transfer, will also affect the sessions. Ask your doctor about anticipated recovery time as well to get a more solid idea of your schedule.