Comparing EMSCULPT and Tummy Tucks

If you want to tighten the appearance of your abdomen, your aesthetic physician can recommend several kinds of treatments to help you achieve your ideal physique. But a tighter stomach can manifest in a few different ways. You might want to get rid of loose or sagging skin or you might want to make the area feel firmer. You can consult with your cosmetic doctor in Bucks County to solidify your goals.

Depending on your desired results, you can have at least two cosmetic treatments to choose from to help you reach your body-shaping goals in Langhorne, PA. Read on to learn more about the similarities and differences between EMSCULPT treatment and a tummy tuck procedure.

body contouring for a flat stomach in Langhorne Pennsylvania

Shared Purpose in Body Contouring

Both EMSCULPT and a tummy tuck procedure are designed to help you achieve the stomach shape that you desire. Body contouring refers to aesthetic medical treatments that will improve the appearance of the skin and underlying tissue. Depending on your needs, your doctor will suggest different types of treatment.

You can tighten the appearance of the skin on various parts of the body, including the stomach. You can do this through many methods, both surgical and non-invasive. Schedule a consult with your doctor to find the best way to get your dream body based on your medical history, desired results, and logistical preferences. Tummy tucks and EMSCULPT will both assist you in these endeavors.

Tightening the Abdomen in Different Ways

If you have loose or sagging skin in the stomach, one treatment your doctor might suggest is a tummy tuck. This surgery removes excess skin and fat for a smoother look to the skin on the abdomen. Some patients might prefer the tummy tuck, which involves a smaller incision that will target smaller amounts of skin or tissue.

Patients will appreciate the flatter appearance they can achieve with this type of body-shaping treatment on their stomachs. But not every patient will require the removal of tissue to achieve their aesthetic goals.

A doctor may suggest EMSCULPT treatment for patients who want to create a firmer or tighter look to their abdomen without getting rid of skin or fat. This treatment uses electromagnetic waves to contract specific muscles, essentially squeezing out fat and building muscle in its place.

It will result in a toned finish to the stomach as well as a more muscular look. The slight differences in the results between these two treatments will allow you to choose a cosmetic strategy that works for you.

Comparing Aesthetic Procedure Expectations

The treatments take differing approaches to similar goals, so the procedures for each body-shaping option will vary as well. The tummy tuck involves surgery that will require downtime while the skin and muscles in the stomach heal. A mini tummy tuck can be done using a local anesthetic rather than general anesthesia. But you can still anticipate a recovery period.

EMSCULPT is non-invasive, so you will not have to worry about scheduling time to rest and recover after this treatment. But rather than a singular procedure, patients will need to attend several sessions with their doctor to complete this treatment and achieve their goals. Get firmer expectations about your treatment plan by calling your aesthetic doctor.