Tighten Skin on the Stomach with a Thread Lift

If you have loose or sagging skin on your abdomen, there are a number of ways your aesthetic physician can help. Body contouring procedures can target excess fat. But you can also enhance the appearance of your skin by improving its elasticity.

Your cosmetic doctor in Langhorne, PA offers thread lifting, a skin procedure that will give you a tighter and smoother appearance in your skin. Read on to learn more about thread lifting, including how it improves the look of your skin and who qualifies for this treatment from your Bucks County aesthetic medical expert.

firm smooth skin on abdomen with cosmetic enhancement

Thread Lifting: Not Just for the Face

A thread lift refers to a cosmetic procedure in which a doctor injects tiny threads into the skin. They absorb into the skin naturally, encouraging the skin to produce more collagen as it does.

Collagen is a type of protein that naturally occurs in the skin and gives it a youthful, smooth appearance. As we age, the body generates less collagen, which leads to the sagging effect that many people do not like.

Often, we address sagging skin in the face with lifting methods like this one. But your doctor can perform thread lifting on other parts of the body too, like the stomach. The skin on the abdomen can also produce less collagen over time, so thread lifting can boost its production here too.

Loose-looking skin can tighten and appear firmer after this procedure. The threads will dissolve within six to nine months. But you can see increased collagen in the affected skin for longer than that. You may receive more than one session of this treatment if needed to accomplish your body-shaping goals.

Will a Thread Lift Treatment Help Me?

Not everyone can reach their ideal skin and body aesthetic goals through thread lift treatment. Thread lifting targets sagging within the skin. If your body has excess fat or skin, you might need other body contouring procedures to shape your abdomen according to your preferences.

Your doctor might use thread lifting in tandem with other cosmetic procedures to help you reach your ideal physique. Schedule a consultation with an aesthetic physician to get an individualized treatment plan that will suit your unique needs.

The ideal thread-lifting patient will seek mild to moderate elasticity improvement in their skin. More severe cases of sagging of the skin might need more extensive treatments. They will need to not have had surgery for 3-4 months prior to this treatment for best results.

The affected skin should be free from inflammation and other issues. If you have underlying health problems, your doctor might suggest alternative cosmetic treatments.

Note that after your thread lift procedure, you will need to avoid strenuous activity for about two weeks as your body heals. Your doctor will give you aftercare instructions to make sure you recover properly and can get the best results following this procedure.