What Body Areas Can SmartLipo Improve?

Even with a healthy diet and a good exercise routine, you might notice stubborn fat lingering on your body. You might feel unhappy with the way this makes your body look, but you can also talk to your Bucks County aesthetic physician to find contouring therapies that can help you achieve your body-shaping goals.

SmartLipo is a cosmetic procedure that uses minimally invasive and laser methods. It will get rid of targeted fat cells while also stimulating collagen production to tighten the skin. Your doctor in Langhorne, PA can use this effective solution on different parts of your body depending on your unique needs. Read on to find five spots on the body that can benefit from SmartLipo fat removal treatment.

body contouring treatment on arms and back

Lower Abdomen

Excess fat below the belly button can leave you with a protrusion in the stomach that may make you feel self-conscious. SmartLipo can get rid of these lingering fat cells to give you a flatter and smoother appearance in the lower abdomen. You can feel more confident because you will require no stitches from this procedure that would mar the look of this part of the body.

Bra Line and Flanks

Fat can accumulate at the bra line in the upper torso over time. This can then result in the appearance of fat rolls and bulging. You may also notice fat within the flanks of the body. It may leave you with the appearance of love handles.

Precise targeting available with SmartLipo treatment will remove this fat while also tightening the skin in these areas. The heat of the laser stimulates collagen production in the skin to firm up loose skin cells.


The thighs are another common place where fat can collect and then be difficult to get rid of on the body. Whether you want to remove fat from the outer or inner thighs, SmartLipo can help you tone this upper part of the legs according to your unique aesthetic goals. It can also get rid of fat around the knees.

Though SmartLipo will help smooth the skin in these areas too, this treatment might not address the appearance of cellulite. Your cosmetic doctor can provide further details about how this procedure will work with your body when you schedule a consultation.


Patients might see fat gathering in their upper arms. This may create a sagging appearance they might not feel happy about. SmartLipo can address this fat, getting rid of it for good to make the arms look smoother and more toned. Make sure you follow your doctor’s guidelines to get the best results from this treatment.


SmartLipo offers such precise methods that it can remove stubborn fat in the neck area too. Many people feel self-conscious about loose skin and fat in their necks. SmartLipo can give these patients the tighter and firmer look in this part of the body that they dream of. Discuss your problem areas and cosmetic goals with your physician today.