Keep Skin Spotless with Microdermabrasion

Notice discoloration, scarring, or other flaws on the skin on your face? You can see a major improvement in the appearance of your skin through microdermabrasion. During this process, your Langhorne, PA aesthetic physician will gently buff away the dead cells on the outer layer of the skin.

As a result, the targeted skin will gradually appear smoother and more toned. You can see a reduction in scars, wrinkles, and other aesthetic concerns. A numbing cream prior to the procedure ensures the patient’s comfort, and other topical creams will minimize redness and other potential side effects after the treatment.

Even if you know what the procedure will entail, you likely still want to know about the effects of this skin therapy available in Bucks County. Read on to learn more about the aesthetic results you can expect after facial rejuvenation with microdermabrasion.

skin enhancement treatment from aesthetic physician in Langhorne Pennsylvania

How Many Microdermabrasion Treatments Will I Need?

The exact therapy and number of treatments required to achieve your aesthetic goals will vary. Your doctor will evaluate your skin to determine a cosmetic treatment plan that suits your medical history, schedule, and desired results.

The average patient will undergo four to six microdermabrasion treatments over the course of several months to complete this facial rejuvenation process. Then, they will likely attend maintenance treatments to ensure the skin remains firm, smooth, youthful, and spotless.

Each session will last for about 30 minutes, though larger treatment areas might take longer. The patient will not need downtime after this procedure and can return to their usual activities directly after their treatment. This is why some people refer to this as a “lunch hour procedure,” since it will not interfere with your schedule.

How Can I Maximize the Cosmetic Benefits of Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion will firm up skin and reduce unsightly blemishes that other cosmetic procedures cannot address effectively. Once you complete this skin enhancement treatment, you will want to make sure the benefits last as long as possible.

You can maximize these cosmetic effects with efforts starting right after your treatment. Clean your face when you return home after this appointment to remove excess skin cells. Steer clear of products that use harsh chemicals to avoid irritating the skin.

Do not pick at the skin, which might feel tight, as this could create scarring or other aesthetic problems. The redness and sensitivity symptoms will fade soon after the treatment, but you should continue to avoid irritating the area with picking or other habits. If irritation continues, let your doctor know, as this could point to an infection or other complication.

Develop a healthy skincare routine to ensure your facial rejuvenation lasts for as long as possible. This means moisturizing your skin and staying hydrated to avoid problematic dryness.

Stay out of direct sunlight when you can because UV rays may have adverse effects on the skin. Use sunscreen every time you go outdoors, especially after microdermabrasion. You want to protect this fresh layer of skin from potential sun damage.