Eyebrow Threading: Pros, Cons & Myths

When it comes to shaping your eyebrows, you may have heard of the trending brow-sculpting technique called threading. With this process, an aesthetician twists a piece of thread on itself while they move the string across the brow. As this occurs, the thread removes targeted follicles of hair so that you can achieve your ideal brow shape and arch.

But popularity in aesthetic methods does not always mean they are effective or will accomplish your specific goals. Read on to learn more about eyebrow threading from your cosmetic doctor in Langhorne, PA. Your Bucks County physician can also tell you whether this cosmetic treatment will suit your aesthetic needs during a consultation.

eyebrow threading brow hair removal treatment

Why Should I Choose to Thread My Eyebrows?

Aesthetic experts recommend eyebrow threading for individuals who want precise attention to their brow shape. The thread will remove all hairs in a targeted area within one treatment. This means that you can achieve your desired definition without needing to touch up with plucking.

Then this will make your beautiful eyebrows easier to maintain in the long run. By removing the entire hair follicle, you will not need to worry about uneven growth from the eyebrows between appointments. The quick process can be finished within ten minutes, and then you will not need to return to the aesthetician for four or five weeks.

Are There Drawbacks to Eyebrow Threading Treatment?

Most people report a pain-free experience, but if you have sensitive skin, you might notice some stinging or pinching from the eyebrow threading process. However, the chemical-free treatment remains safe to use on sensitive skin.

As with waxing or shaving, threading will not remove hair follicles for good. So you will need to repeat the process every few weeks to maintain your beautiful eyebrows. If you want a more permanent hair removal solution, consult with a cosmetic doctor.

Can You Over-Thread Your Eyebrows?

Yes, it is possible to overdo it on threading your eyebrows. If you use excessive hair removal methods or aggressive skincare routines, you might notice thinning or balding in the eyebrow hair as a result. But it is a myth that you will never regrow this hair again.

If you do notice that your eyebrows seem weaker or the hair is not growing in as thickly as it once did, you should avoid the temptation to pluck or thread the hair further. That does not mean that you should avoid visiting your aesthetic doctor altogether. In fact, they may present a solution for you in the form of microblading.

Microblading is a skin treatment in which a doctor makes small incisions with a needle and then adds pigment to the skin with specialized ink. Similar to tattooing, you will see a darker or fuller finish to your brows according to your unique aesthetic goals.

The results will begin to fade after 18-24 months, but you can schedule touch-up appointments with your doctor if needed. This way, you can have the eyebrow color and shape that you desire, even if overworking your brows has damaged the hair follicles.