Learn About Heat-Based Skin Treatments

As we age, we lose collagen in our skin, the natural protein that makes the skin feel tight and smooth. This results in a looser appearance in the skin of the face or elsewhere on the body, as well as a higher risk of forming wrinkles. Your cosmetic doctor in Langhorne, PA can offer a variety of aesthetic treatments to improve the appearance of your skin, but some people worry about invasive procedures.

Fortunately, your doctor can also employ heat technology through ThermiRF to give you tighter, younger-looking skin without surgery. Read on to learn more about the skin tightening treatment that your Bucks County aesthetic physician can provide with ThermiRF.

skin tightening with ThermiRF

How Does ThermiRF Work?

ThermiRF refers to a device that generates controlled radio frequencies that when applied to skin cells will sculpt, smooth, and tighten the targeted areas. Your doctor will use a local anesthetic to numb the affected area for optimal comfort during this treatment.

Then the doctor inserts the thin, needle-like probe into the skin where it uses the radio waves to generate heat. This increases the temperature of the skin that will in turn melt away fat, relax fine lines in the skin, and tighten targeted tissues. This form of ablation can see the reduction of frown lines, cellulite, and skin looseness throughout the body.

With this precise type of technology, you can see great attention to detail, especially in the neck, face, and jowls, to get the results that you want. Doctors may also use this treatment to help reduce underarm sweating.

They refer to the skin tightening procedure using ThermiRF technology as ThermiTight. The device monitors the temperature of the frequencies, ensuring they remain at a safe level throughout the duration of the procedure.

What Kind of Recovery Will I Need After ThermiTight Treatment?

The numbness of the local anesthetic will wear off after a few hours, but you can return home directly after your ThermiTight procedure. The local treatment will not impact your consciousness at all. It will just block the nerves from sending pain signals during the treatment.

Some people might feel sore once the anesthetic fades for the rest of the day. But you should be able to resume your usual activities without issue by the next day. If you feel severe pain or feel unable to complete your usual routine, tell your doctor.

You might see redness at the treatment site for about an hour, but this too will fade. If it does not, or if you see signs of infection, let your doctor know right away.

How Long Will Aesthetic Results Last?

You should begin to see skin tightening in the affected area directly after your ThermiTight procedure. But you can see even more enhancement over six weeks with full effects achieved by about four months.

ThermiRF benefits will not last forever though. You can expect to see skin aesthetic advantages for two to four years before the results begin to fade. Consult your doctor about touch-ups or other skin tightening treatments at this point.