Post-Pregnancy Liposuction FAQs

Having a baby is an exciting time. As a baby grows inside of you, it can alter your body in many ways that can linger after you give birth. The shape of your body may change, and you might gain fat that seems difficult to get rid of.

Appropriate diet and exercise are crucial to maintaining a healthy weight. But you can also consult an aesthetic physician about body contouring treatments like liposuction with SmartLipo which can reshape your body and remove stubborn fat.

However, some people may worry about undergoing a procedure so soon after pregnancy. Your doctor can evaluate your medical history and desired results to determine if this treatment will suit your needs. Read on to find responses to frequently asked questions regarding liposuction fat removal in the wake of pregnancy and whether this treatment can suit your body aesthetic goals.

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Will Liposuction Get Rid of a “Mommy Pouch”?

During pregnancy, a patient may gain weight in their lower abdomen, and after giving birth, it might remain to form a “mommy pouch.” Even if you lose weight, fat within your body may distribute differently, leaving you with pockets in your thighs or belly.

Liposuction will target stubborn fat cells, removing them and reshaping your body the way you desire. SmartLipo uses laser technology to heat up and suck away unwanted fat, giving you smoother and more fine-tuned results than traditional liposuction. This specific treatment can also address cellulite and give you a firmer finish to the skin in the area.

However, a tummy pouch does not always consist of excess fat. Stretched and loose skin can also contribute to this feature, and liposuction alone will not fix this cosmetic concern. You might consider a tummy tuck or another aesthetic procedure to fully accomplish your goals.

How Soon After Pregnancy Can I Undergo Liposuction?

Pregnancy, labor, and birth will majorly affect your body in multiple ways. So you will need to take time to rest and recover before you can pursue a new medical procedure. Doctors recommend waiting between three and nine months after your pregnancy before getting liposuction.

This time allows your body to both heal and normalize. You can lose some weight on your own, and your body shape may alter during your recovery. These can impact your decision to undergo aesthetic treatments.

Your recuperation time before receiving this treatment will depend on the type of birth you experienced. For instance, a vaginal birth may need less to time heal than a C-section birth. Your doctor will evaluate your health to ensure your body is ready to experience SmartLipo treatment before scheduling an appointment.

New parents are busy, but with SmartLipo, you can see faster recovery times than with traditional liposuction. This will allow you to spend more time with your family and resume your usual activities sooner. Consult with your aesthetic doctor to learn details about your unique body-shaping treatment plan.