Want Toned Arms This Summer?

Summer’s arrival means you might show more skin in the wake of hot temperatures. As you break out short-sleeved shirts, you might realize you feel unhappy with the way that your arms appear.

If you notice stubborn fat deposits, loose skin, or “batwings” that seem to droop when you lift your arms, you might stress about your clothing options and feel uncomfortable this summer. A balanced diet and exercise can help you maintain a healthy weight. But this will not necessarily achieve all of your body-shaping goals.

You can meet with a doctor to find a cosmetic solution that will give you a smoother and firmer appearance in your upper arms. Read on to learn how your aesthetic physician will develop a custom treatment plan to enhance the appearance of your arms.

Want Toned Arms This Summer

Fat Removal Procedures

You can practice targeted workouts and lift weights to build muscle in your arms. And while exercise can burn fat, you might still see excess fat in your arms that will not go away on its own. This can impede your efforts to see slimmer, more toned arms.

Your aesthetic doctor can remove stubborn fat deposits with cosmetic surgery. Liposuction using SmartLipo technology will laser away targeted fat cells through a minute incision point and then suction the fat out of the body. This procedure will work on the arms as well as other parts of the body.

With the introduction of lasers to this treatment, you can see less swelling and irritation following this procedure. And you can anticipate less downtime as you recover as well.

The precision of the laser will ensure you can contour the shape of your arms according to your unique goals. Laser treatment will also help the surrounding skin recover for a tighter-looking finish. Consider SmartLipo if you intend to seek fat removal surgery from your cosmetic doctor.

Skin Tightening Treatments

A sagging appearance in the arms does not always occur due to excess fat in the body. Sometimes the skin itself can contribute to this aesthetic concern, and liposuction alone will not address problems with the skin.

However, your aesthetic doctor can recommend skin treatments that will tighten the skin for a firmer and smoother look in your arms. External laser treatment will stimulate the targeted skin cells. This encourages the production of collagen, which will make the skin texture smoother and more elastic.

You can see tighter skin in the arms as a result. You will not have to worry about scars or other concerns that might occur if you pursue more invasive cosmetic procedures for your skin.

Treatment lengths may vary depending on your specific needs. You can see some results right away. But the full effect of the cosmetic treatment can usually be seen after four to six months.

Laser treatment can also improve the appearance of stretch marks, sun spots, and wrinkles. Discover how skin therapies can improve the appearance of your arms by calling your aesthetic physician in Bucks County, PA today.