Why Consider Eyelid Surgery

Aging will impact the appearance of your skin, and the first effects are usually seen near your eyes. Drooping skin near the corners of the eyes and brows will increase your risk of wrinkles and make your skin appear loose.

You can feel self-conscious about the way your face appears as this occurs. But your cosmetic doctor can assist you with improving the look of the skin in this delicate part of the face.

Blepharoplasty, also known as eyelid surgery, involves carefully removing excess tissue and skin cells around the eyes for a tighter and more beautiful finish. Your doctor will illustrate how this highly effective procedure can suit your specific goals compared to other skin and facial treatments. Read on to find just a few of the cosmetic benefits you can experience with eyelid surgery from your aesthetic physician in Bucks County, PA.

Why Consider Eyelid Surgery

Look Younger and Fresher

As you get older, your skin will start to lose its elasticity. The body will lose the ability to make the proteins that keep the skin able to bounce back when stretched. And then the skin begins to appear saggy.

This effect of looking older can feel especially noticeable when the sagging skin forms near your eyes, the famed “windows to the soul.” Your cosmetic doctor can target these areas that feature loose, excess skin with eyelid surgery. They can remove this skin to leave these spots firmer and tighter.

The smoother finish will therefore leave you looking younger. And with a tauter look to your face, your overall appearance will look fresher and healthier. This can work wonders for your self-esteem and first impressions.

Remove Puffy Appearance in Eyes

If you develop excess skin around the eyes, it can weigh down the skin, dragging it so that it appears saggy. But extra skin may also make the eyes appear puffy. This can indicate signs of a lack of sleep or other health concerns, even if you are otherwise healthy.

The puffiness and swelling around the eyes might put you at a greater risk of forming wrinkles as well. It can stretch the skin, weakening it and encouraging harsh wrinkles to develop. The change in this area of the face will alter the way your eyes appear as well. And this can make you lose confidence in your overall appearance.

Eyelid surgery will get rid of this puffy effect so that you can feel proud of the way you look again. And you can keep your skin looking better for longer by eliminating this risk factor for facial wrinkles.

See Long-Lasting Facial Aesthetic Enhancement

Eyelid surgery is not the only way to achieve a firmer appearance in the skin near the eyes. But other skin therapies will not provide effects that last as long as blepharoplasty. Injectables like Botox usually improve the appearance of skin for only a few months.

Skin enhancement through eyelid surgery will endure for about seven years with proper care and maintenance. Take good care of your skin to elongate the advantages of this treatment. Call your cosmetic doctor to learn more about preventative care for your skin and face.