Can I Get a Quick Facelift?

The skin starts to sag and become loose in the face over time. Naturally, the skin produces less of the substances that keep it elastic and able to bounce back. And the resulting droopy look near the mouth and around the eyes can make you appear older.

Many people want to fight this sagging skin for a lighter, tighter appearance in their faces. They can accomplish this with a cosmetic surgery known as a facelift. The outpatient procedure will raise and reposition the affected skin for a lifted and firmer finish that you can feel proud of.

But some people worry about undergoing surgery to achieve this younger appearance. Fortunately, your aesthetic physician can offer a “lunchtime” facelift, a minimally invasive treatment that lifts the skin of the face during a quick therapy session without surgery.

Can I Get a Quick Facelift

Experience a Quick and Simple Aesthetic Procedure

The nickname “lunchtime” facelift comes from the fact that facelift procedures take an hour or less to complete. The treatment relies on a local anesthetic to the affected area that will make the skin there numb.

The anesthetic will not impact your awareness, so you will not feel groggy following the procedure. You can return to your regular schedule right away. Those who undergo a surgical facelift will experience an outpatient procedure using anesthesia that will take some time to wear off, even though they can return home that same day.

Then you can see significantly shorter recovery time with a facelift with thread tightening as well compared to surgery. You can anticipate only two to four days of downtime before returning to your usual activities.

Achieve Effective and Lasting Face Enhancement

Some people may worry that the shorter, less invasive cosmetic procedure with a facelift will mean you will see fewer aesthetic advantages. But this non-surgical facelift can give you the tighter, younger, beautiful finish of your dreams.

You can see firmer skin that also looks natural for up to four years. And you can discuss touch-up opportunities to extend these effects for another four years on top of that. Learn how this lunchtime facelift can address your facial skin concerns by consulting your cosmetic doctor today.

Improve Skin Without Breaking Your Budget

Another appealing aspect of the facelift is that it costs less than a surgical facelift. This makes facial skin treatment more accessible to patients so that they can see beautiful skin without completely derailing their budget. And you will not have to worry about scheduling several sessions to complete your treatment, saving you time as well as money in the long run.

Discuss the cosmetic benefits along with the financial expectations of this skin therapy when you schedule an appointment with your aesthetic physician in Langhorne, PA today. Call 215.608.5691 to learn about skin rejuvenation, facial treatments, and more.