Is Arm Liposuction Right for Me?

With hot temperatures hitting this summer, you might want to don short-sleeved shirts or tank tops. These outfits will show off your arms, and maybe they highlight aesthetic concerns you have with these parts of your body.

If you notice stubborn fat in your arms, you can consult with a cosmetic doctor to find the right treatment to remove it and achieve your body-shaping goals. Liposuction, for instance, can target pockets of fat and remove them from the body. Modern techniques allow for laser precision with this procedure as well using SmartLipo technology.

Your doctor can let you know if you are a good candidate for this treatment option. But you can read on to learn more about characteristics that make a patient ideal for an arm liposuction procedure.

Is Arm Liposuction Right for Me

Desires Removal of Fat Deposits

Exercises like weightlifting can help you burn fat and build muscles in your arms. But these workouts cannot get rid of all types of fat that may accumulate there. Stubborn fat can make your arms bulge, hide muscle tone, and skin appear saggy or droopy.

You might feel frustrated or dismayed when your arms do not look the way you desire, even with this physical effort. But your doctor can assist you in achieving a slimmer, firmer finish in your arms with liposuction.

The SmartLipo treatment will eliminate fat cells while also using lasers to tighten the skin in the same procedure. This allows for an even smoother finish that will make you feel proud to show off your arms.

Physically Healthy

Before you proceed with liposuction treatment, a doctor will evaluate your existing health and medical history. They will want to ensure you are healthy enough to endure this procedure without issue. Patients with chronic illnesses like diabetes, cardiovascular concerns, or clotting disorders may not make great candidates for this treatment.

Those who smoke may also have a higher risk of complications from liposuction treatment, making them ineligible for this procedure. Make sure you provide a thorough and complete background for your doctor so that you can accomplish your body-shaping goals in a safe, efficient manner. Schedule a consultation with an aesthetic physician to learn more today.

Commitment to the Process

Your doctor will maintain open communication with you throughout the process to ensure you have realistic expectations about your results after arm liposuction. They will let you know ahead of your appointment about what you can anticipate your arms will look like and about potential downtime as you recover.

SmartLipo allows for a shorter and simpler recovery than traditional liposuction. But you might see some swelling and discomfort after the procedure. You may also need to adjust your daily routine to allow yourself to rest properly while you heal.

Follow your doctor’s guidelines for your recovery to get the best results. Once removed, fat deposits are gone for good. But you will need to take efforts with diet and exercise to prevent new fat cells from forming.