Liposuction Removes Stubborn Back Fat

Fat accumulation on your back, also known as back rolls, can be frustrating. Deposits of fat within the back are hard to get rid of with diet and exercise alone. Part of the reason these fat cells are so stubborn is that they can often develop due to reasons outside of a fatty diet or lack of physical activity.

Hormonal changes or genetics can contribute to the accrual of fat in your back. When you cannot control these factors, you can have trouble getting rid of this fat that disrupts your ideal body shape.

If these aesthetic concerns sound familiar, you should give your cosmetic doctor a call. They can evaluate your medical history along with your desired results to find a body sculpting treatment plan that will suit you.

Liposuction, a fat removal procedure, is often the ideal treatment to remove stubborn back fat. Read on to learn more about this body-shaping solution and its benefits.

Liposuction Removes Stubborn Back Fat

How Does Back Liposuction Work?

Your aesthetic doctor in Langhorne, PA can use SmartLipo technology to perform liposuction on fat deposits on your back. This entails a minute incision to insert a cannula into the targeted area of the body. Then the doctor will use a laser within this tube to remove and destroy fat cells.

The energy from the laser coagulates the blood as the process occurs. This way, you can notice less swelling and bruising after the treatment. This will also result in tightening the surrounding tissue which will allow the skin to sit more firmly in this part of the body.

With minimal invasiveness involved, you will not experience downtime after SmartLipo treatment. You will need to follow aftercare guidelines, including wearing a compression garment for two weeks, to ensure your body heals effectively and efficiently.

You can return to your usual levels of physical activity within a few days. And you do not have to worry about this procedure affecting your ability to sleep in certain positions, including on your back.

In the end, you can get rid of your back rolls and see a slimmer, firmer physique on your back thanks to liposuction. Plus, the laser in SmartLipo ensures tighter skin and minimal scarring after your recovery compared to traditional liposuction. Your doctor will illustrate your specific anticipated results in more detail when you attend a consultation.

Am I Eligible for Back Liposuction?

Liposuction treatment is a safe, healthy procedure for adult patients of any gender. Your doctor will evaluate your health to determine if you are healthy enough for cosmetic treatment. Patients with certain conditions, like asthma or high blood pressure, might not be eligible for SmartLipo.

Your aesthetic physician will want you to have a healthy lifestyle prior to SmartLipo treatment. Liposuction is not a weight loss solution. You will need to maintain a balanced diet and engage in exercise to ensure you stay healthy. For more details, talk to your doctor today.