Slim Down Knees with Liposuction

If you want your legs to appear firmer and more toned, you should adhere to a balanced diet accompanied by consistent exercise. However, as you sculpt your thigh and calf muscles to look as muscled and slim as you dream, you might feel frustrated by lingering fat in your knees. A chubby appearance in your knees can disrupt your desired body aesthetic.

You can meet with your cosmetic physician to find body contouring treatment that targets stubborn fat in your knees to achieve your dream legs. SmartLipo treatment will remove fat cells in these tricky areas to shape your legs the way you desire.

Schedule a consultation with your doctor to learn how this aesthetic enhancement treatment can suit your goals. You can also read on to discover details about knee liposuction available from your Langhorne, PA cosmetic medical facility.

Slim Down Knees with Liposuction

Why Consider Knee Liposuction Treatment?

It is difficult to target muscles in the knee when exercising. So you may have trouble burning fat in this specific part of your legs. This can leave you with a bulging, wrinkled appearance that interrupts the smoother look of your calves and thighs.

Using SmartLipo technology, your cosmetic doctor can remove this excess fat. Then, your knees can look their best and suit the rest of your legs aesthetically.

The laser in SmartLipo liposuction allows the physician to better address more delicate areas of the body to get rid of very specific amounts of fat, even near the joints like in your knees. This laser will also tighten the skin for an even smoother finish that will minimize wrinkles.

After this treatment, you can feel proud of the way your legs look and confident enough to wear clothing that reveals your knees. You may even feel more comfortable while exercising, running, or walking thanks to the removal of excess fat around the joint. Learn more about the benefits of liposuction treatment on your knees by talking to your doctor.

What Is Recovery Like Liposuction on the Knees?

Knee liposuction can be completed in one session with your dentist using local anesthetics. This means that you will not feel any disorientation following your procedure. But you should still arrange for someone to give you a lift home after your appointment.

The knees might feel stiff right after the treatment, and you might feel some soreness after the anesthetics wear off. Discomfort can be easily managed with tips from your doctor, including icing and anti-inflammatories to reduce swelling.

You can and should walk after your liposuction treatment. Leg movement will encourage good blood circulation which will improve the healing process. You usually return to normal activities within a few days and can perform more rigorous activities after four to six weeks.

Liposuction permanently removes fat cells, so you can feel confident about long-lasting results from this aesthetic enhancement. Continue healthy habits to ensure you do not form new fat in this area. Full results from liposuction will be evident within six months of your treatment.