Body Contouring in Philadelphia, PA

Body Contouring in Philadelphia, PA

You want to look and feel your best. You eat right, exercise, but sometimes you need a little extra help to achieve the best shape possible. Body contouring is a set of cosmetic procedures that can reshape and firm the different areas of the body to produce a more aesthetically pleasing shape.

The Center For SmartLipo and Plastic Surgery is the most comprehensive cosmetic treatment center in Bucks County and the greater Philadelphia area. We offer a variety of body contouring procedures from minimally invasive awake procedures like SmartLipo and Fat Transfer to awake mini tummy tucks.

Whether you just want a subtle improvement or a dramatic transformation, we have the services to fit your needs. Our plastic surgeons offer the following body contouring treatments. Visit each one to learn more about the procedure:

Read a Patient Testimonial from a Real Body Contouring Patient

“Being a physician myself, I have researched Smartlipo, Selphyl and Fat Grafting to the point of no return. As most women that I know, I was at the point where weight loss no longer made sense since on multiple attempts, I’d loose roughly half of what you need in problem areas, but more then ever expected in the others that did not require weight loss in the first place.

I am glad I have waited long enough when doing all at once – SmartLipo, Fat Grafting with Selphyl without the need “to go under” – meaning general anesthesia finally became an option. During the procedures, I did not have any pain and pretty much slept through half of the SmartLipo on my thighs. In fact, it felt like the process was going on in the “blanket covering my things” – that’s how well the areas were numbed.

Some discomfort in breasts and face- but definitely no pain. As for recovery- could have gone back to work the next day if only face Fat Grafting was done since I had 2 dots on the sides on my mouth only which could have been covered with makeup. For the SmartLipo on thighs and grafting to breasts- could have gone back to work in 2 days if had a desk job, but since I am on my feet all day- took total of 4 days of work.”

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