Breast Implants Bucks County, PA

Breast Implant Options

Do you ever feel self-conscious about your breast size? Have you lost some of the volume or firmness of your breasts due to childbearing? Are you interested in improving your proportions and balancing your figure?

If you live in the Langhorne, Philadelphia PA area or the New Jersey area, and are considering breast implants, The Center For SmartLipo & Plastic Surgery could be right for you.

We are the area’s most comprehensive cosmetic surgery center offering several methods of breast augmentation surgery including silicone and saline breast implants, as well as the innovative natural breast augmentation procedure. With thousands of procedures performed, our doctors have the skill and experience to provide you with results.

Breast Implant Types – Saline or Silicone

The two most popular type of implants currently in use are saline (salt solution) and silicone. In most cases, there is no difference in appearance between these two types of implants. Since 2006, silicone breast implants have been approved by the FDA and are available to the general public for breast augmentation.

Saline implants are inserted into the body as an empty shell. Once in place, they are filled with a saline solution. This means that a small incision can be used with saline implants. Many women see this as a distinct advantage.

Silicone gel filled implants require a larger incision than saline filled.

Because each patient’s body type and breast augmentation goals are different, the choice of breast implant type is a personal decision. Our doctors will review your personal goals and assist you in your choice of breast implants.

Implant Placement Options – “Overs” or “Unders”

There are currently several different breast implant placement options available:

  • Subglandular placement – above the pectoral muscles, requires insertion of the implant above the muscles and tissues in the front of the ribs.
  • Submuscular placement – involves insertion of the implant completely under the pectoral muscles and other tissues.
  • Subpectoral placement – breast implants are placed under the pectoral muscle as well as under the breast tissue.

Our doctors will provide detailed information about placement options and help you decide on the best placement method for your implants.

Breast Implant Incision Sites

There are four common incision sites:

  • Periareolar – on the lower border of the nipple
  • Inframmary – under the breast
  • Transaxillary – in the armpit
  • Transumbilical – in the naval

Each incision type has advantages and disadvantages. Our doctors possess skills in many different implant approaches and will help you choose the best incision site.

Breast Implant FAQs

What’s the difference between breast implants and natural breast augmentation?

Natural breast augmentation is ideal for patients who desire a fuller breast, but aren’t looking for a significant size increase. If a patient desires more than one cup size increase, breast implants are the best choice. Fat transfer can be combined with implants to provide a two-fold benefit: removal of fat from unwanted areas and a natural, more supple appearance to breast implants.

How much do Breast Implants cost?

The cost of breast implants depends on the individual patient and the desired results. Factors that go into determining the cost of breast implants include the type of breast implant used, as well as the desired size and placement of the breast implant. Your doctor will discuss the various options and help you select the best treatment. The price will be discussed prior to surgery.

What is the recovery period for Breast Implants?

The majority of breast augmentation patients can get back to their normal lives relatively quickly. After a breast enlargement surgery, most women can head back to work and resume non-strenuous activities in about 10 days.

However, the emotional results of a breast augmentation can be seen almost immediately. Women who get breast implants feel happier. A breast augmentation procedure can work wonders on both the body and mind.