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EMSculpt Philadelphia, PA

EMSculpt An Overview

emsculpt body contouring philadelphia pa

Do you want to lose fat and build muscle mass without breaking a sweat?

Meet the EMSCULPT®

EMSculpt is a revolutionary non-invasive procedure that builds muscles while it burns fat- it is like nothing else on the market.

Dr. Richard Goldfarb was one of the 8 physicians countrywide to lead the preliminary EMSculpt research. Dr. Goldfard conducted the research on EMSculpt’s fat burning and muscle building properties. He is the first to offer EMSculpt in the Philadelphia, PA area.

Center for Smartlipo and Plastic Surgery is recognized as a Center of Excellence, one of only a few nationwide, our cosmetic center continually strives to offer the most innovative and most advanced cosmetic procedures. Dr. Goldfard is months ahead of other cosmetic centers in offering EMSculpt making CFSL the place to go to experience the amazing results of EMSculpt.  Dr. Richard Goldfarb was one of the pioneers of the new technology in collaboration with BTL and associates. EMSculpt follows Dr. Goldfarb’s tradition of offering the latest and greatest innovations helping his patients achieve the body they want in less invasive, more effective ways.

What Makes EMSculpt Different?

  • EMSculpt Reduces body fat by up to 19% while increasing muscle mass up to 16%.

EMSculpt is the only body contouring procedure on the market that burns fat and builds muscle simultaneously- without ever having to hit the gym. EMSculpt is FDA approved for burning fat cells and building muscles in the butt and abdomen.  Whether you are looking for a more sculpted stomach or an instant booty lift, EMSculpt is the noninvasive solution you have been searching for.

Patients typically receive 4 treatments 2 per week, each treatment is 30-minutes. Dr. Goldfarb will create a treatment plan tailored to your specific goals.

Patients will feel a difference in their body immediately after treatment. Results will continue to develop up to four weeks after your final session and continue to improve for several more weeks.

View real patient results in our EmSculpt gallery.

EMSculpt What to Expect

High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic technology causes the supramaximal muscles to contract, forcing the muscles to burn out and rebuild. Essentially, the two paddles are placed on the abdomen or buttocks and create an intense crunch of the muscles. EMSculpt uses the same science as exercise but concentrates and amplifies the result.  As the muscles are crunched the inner layer of muscle begins to remodel a process that naturally burns fat in the body.

  • The average work out fires up about 35% of the targeted muscle group.
  • EMSculpt fires up nearly 95% of the muscles being treating.

Like working out at the gym, EMSCULPT feels like you are building muscles and burning fat. Lay back, relax, burn fat and build muscle with EMSCULPT.

After the last treatment patients typically see results in two weeks that improve for weeks after. Patients enjoy no downtimes and can return to their daily routine after their procedures.

World’s First Non-Invasive Butt-Lift

EMSculpt offers patients the first ever non-invasive Butt-lift with zero downtime. Using the same fat burning, muscle building technology, Dr. Goldfarb can apply the EMSculpt to the buttocks. EMSculpt helps tighten skin, melt away fat and provides a subtle lift in the buttocks muscles. Pateints enjoy a firmer smoother, rounder butt without the long downtimes of traditional butt lift surgery.

EMSculpt FAQs

Is EMSculpt safe?

EMSculpt is FDA approved. A non-invasive procedure, EMSCulpt is a safe way to burn fat and build muscle.

What areas of my body can I treat with EMSculpt?

EMSculpt is FDA approved for treating the abdomen and buttocks.

How many treatments with EMSculpt will I need to see results?

Patients typically receive 4 treatments 2 per week, each treatment is 30-minutes. Dr. Goldfarb will create a treatment plan tailored to your specific goals.

What does EMSculpt feel like?

During treatment, patients are able to lay down and relax. Most patients report the procedure feels like an intensive work out.

*Disclaimer: results may vary
Richard M Goldfarb, MD F.A.C.S.

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Richard M. Goldfarb, M.D. FACS, the founder of the Center for SmartLipo & Plastic Surgery, is recognized as one of the leading innovators in the field of liposculpture. He has performed thousands of liposuction procedures. With more advanced liposuction technology under one roof than any other practice in the state, the Center for SmartLipo & Plastic Surgery is the most comprehensive liposuction facility in the greater Philadelphia area. Meet Dr. Goldfarb

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