SculpSure® Langhorne PA

If you suffer from stubborn fat in the abdomen region, SculpSure® offers effective results with a relatively painless, non-invasive cosmetic surgery procedure that can be performed in the comfort of our Philadelphia area cosmetic surgery center. SculpSure is the first FDA cleared laser treatment for laser lipolysis of the flank and abdominal regions.

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The Center For SmartLipo and Plastic Surgery now offers SculpSure® for patients seeking to reduce unwanted stubborn fat that has been resistant to exercise and diet- without the need for surgery. Dr. Patel can help you to meet your body contouring goals with easy, convenient sessions that can “melt away” stubborn fat with no need for the use of anesthetics or surgical procedures.

Langhorne cosmetic surgeon Dr. Durvi Patel M.D. runs the most comprehensive plastic surgery center in the Philadelphia region. Dr. Patel is focused on providing patients with the latest in-office body sculpting and liposuction procedures for achieving optimal results.

SculpSure® vs Coolsculpting®

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