SmartLipo™ for Men Philadelphia, PA

SmartLipo™ is a revolutionary weight loss surgery that is helping many people target areas on their body that have excess fat. This procedure is not just for women. Men are also looking for ways to remove unwanted fat and tighten skin in specific areas. The most requested targeted areas in men include the abdomen, “love handles”, chest, and neck. The Center For SmartLipo and Plastic Surgery offers SmartLipo™ for men in Philadelphia, PA. Dr. Durvi Patel uses this technique to help men achieve the look they desire.

SmartLipo™ for Men in Philadelphia

Why Men Are Choosing SmartLipo™

For many men, no matter hard they workout and watch what they eat, they cannot achieve the desired definition they are seeking. The undesired buildup of fat in the abdomen and flanks make it impossible to get a defined, cut body. SmartLipo™, a type of liposuction for men, is the perfect solution to fix this. Dr. Patel can reduce the size of the areas of accumulated fat. This will create a sculpted body and even help some men get desirable, chiseled six-pack abs.

Gynecomastia is a major problem many men suffer from. It can cause embarrassment and prevent you from living a quality life. For many of our male patients, this condition is treated with SmartLipo™. Laser liposuction for men’s chest is successful at reducing the size of the male breasts and tightening the skin in the chest area. The procedure only requires one or two small puncture holes on each side of the chest near the arm pits. Additionally, a small incision is made on the edge of each nipple. However, after healing for several days, this small incision won’t be noticed.

Another tough body part that leads to embarrassment for men is the neck. As men age, the muscles in the neck weaken causing he skin to become loose and sag. This results in droopy, wrinkled necks that people refer to as ‘turkey necks’. Not only can Dr. Patel remove excess fat from the neck with laser liposuction for men, but he will also tighten the skin. This procedure will give men their confidence back and improve their self-image.

The Advantages of SmartLipo™ for Men

SmartLipo™ is a safe and convenient solution that removes excess fat from many areas on the male body. Because it utilizes laser energy, it prompts the body to produce more collagen. Collagen is an important component that our skin needs to remain elastic, hydrated, and wrinkle-free. You will only need one treatment on the target area and the results will last forever. Recovery is fairly simple and comfortable. This is because the surgery is less invasive than regular liposuction. Men typically use it on their chest, neck, abdomen, and flank however, SmartLipo™ is safe to use on most parts of the body.

SmartLipo™ for Men in Philadelphia

If you want to learn more about SmartLipo™ for Men, contact the The Center For SmartLipo and Plastic Surgery in Philadelphia. Our cosmetic and plastic surgery center offers many services to help men achieve the body they desire. SmartLipo™ is a safe and popular laser liposuction method that we utilize to help men target the excess pockets of fat present in parts of their body.