Chin Liposuction Philadelphia, PA

SmartLipo™ is a revolutionary way to remove unwanted fat. One of the most popular places to use it is in the chin area. Due to genetics, weight gain, or aging, many people accumulate fat here. While this may not bother many people, others feel extremely self-conscious about it especially since their face is the first thing people notice. A double chin can make a person appear obese when they are perfectly healthy, feel unattractive, or look older than they really are. Dr. Durvi Patel offers chin liposuction in Philadelphia, PA using the SmartLipo™ fat removal procedure.

Dr. Durvi Patel offers chin liposuction in Philadelphia, PA

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Chin Liposuction?

If you have a double chin, a fat or puffy neck, or sagging jowls, then liposuction on chin is a great treatment for you. However, as with any medical procedure or cosmetic surgery, you must be in good health.

Having an illness or life threatening condition will put you at risk and interfere with your healing. Smoking is very bad for your health and may disqualify you from this procedure. We suggest that you are close to your ideal weight, within about 25 pounds.

What are the Benefits of Chin Liposuction?

Double chin liposuction with the SmartLipo™ fat removal is very safe, low risk and affordable. It can deliver big results while being minimally invasive. This procedure will eliminate the fat cells that are located in the chin area. The only way to reverse this is to gain a significant amount of weight back.

Chin liposuction can get rid of your jowls and the ever dreaded double chin. It can define your jaw line and make your neck look slimmer. These benefits will balance your facial features and make your appear younger.

Exercise alone cannot get rid difficult fat especially in the chin. With chin SmartLipo™ fat removal, the results are instant. Additionally, over time the results, especially the skin tightening, will get even better.

Unlike traditional lipo, liposuction double chin with SmartLipo™ will tighten the skin as well as remove unwanted fat. The laser stimulates the skin to produce new collagen which will give you firmer skin helping to lift your chin. It also requires significantly less recovery time with less bruising, bleeding and pain.

Chin Liposuction in Philadelphia, PA: What to Expect

Your doctor will use a local anesthetic for your comfort. This procedure is minimally invasive so there is no need to put you to sleep. They will then make a small incision, usually under the chin, where they will access your chin fat with a very small cannula.

Next, the doctor will move the cannula back and forth in a fanning motion to laser the fat away. The laser will emit heat which will cause your blood vessels to coagulate resulting in less bleeding. You will see results right away and it will take about 3 to 4 weeks for the skin to firm up.

Are you interested in chin liposuction in Philadelphia, PA? Schedule a consult today with Dr. Durvi Patel to see if you qualify for the procedure. Since liposuction of chin is affordable, low risk, and minimally invasive, why live with a double chin? Contact our office today to book an appointment or request one online by filling out the form.