SmartLipo™ in Philadelphia

At Center for SmartLipo and Plastic Surgery, we’re proud to have been one of the first cosmetic centers in the country to offer the SmartLipo™ procedure. If you’re looking to get SmartLipo in the Philadelphia area, our office is the place to turn to.

SmartLipo™ in Philadelphia

The Process For SmartLipo™ in Philadelphia, PA

SmartLipo is an FDA-approved procedure that is minimally invasive. Before any cosmetic procedure, we have a cosmetic consultation with you. We’ll talk to you about your medical history, cosmetic goals, budget, and other factors to make sure that SmartLipo is the right procedure for you.

During the procedure, the doctor will make small incisions. The doctor will surgically place a very small tube that contains a laser fiber through the incision. This laser is unique in that it both liquifies your fat cells AND tightens your skin. This means that it will give you smoother results when you compare it to traditional liposuction methods.

Then, the doctor will move the laser back and forth throughout the target area in the body. The energy from the laser will directly liquify fat cells that it comes in contact with. Next, the team will use suction to take the fat out of the body. As a bonus, your underlying blood vessels will immediately coagulate due to the heat of the laser; making your recovery process quick and easy.

Why Choose SmartLipo™?

The best part about SmartLipo is that it’s minimally invasive. You will be fully awake and you will only need a local anesthetic to prevent feeling pain. It’s also easier to fit into your schedule. The downtime isn’t as long and you’re able to get back to work within a few days of the procedure.

The laser component of laser liposuction in Philadelphia, PA also helps to make the healing process go more smoothly. There are no stitches necessary. Swelling, bleeding, and bruising are all less than normal, meaning you’re more comfortable and heal up faster.

You will see results from SmartLipo after only one session, and the results will get better and better in the weeks following the procedure. Because of how minimally invasive it is, you can use SmartLipo on many different parts of the body.

Is SmartLipo™ Right For You?

The ideal candidate for laser lipo in Philadelphia, PA is someone whose health is good and is within 25 pounds of the weight they’d like to be. Areas of fat that you’d like to target are ones that dieting and exercise haven’t been able to get rid of. SmartLipo is a solution to take care of these fatty areas permanently.

We do bloodwork and do an extensive review of your medical history before going forward with the procedure. Certain health conditions or a history of medical conditions can make you ineligible for this procedure.

If you have larger areas of fat, you may still be eligible for SmartLipo treatment.

If you think SmartLipo is the ideal solution for you or you are not sure, call us today or request a consultation online. As leading SmartLipo doctors in Philadelphia, PA, we’ll bring you into the office and make sure we find the right treatment plan for your body.