Dr. Goldfarb is excited to offer one of the newest skin tightening treatments available: ThermiTight. Thermi uses radio frequency energy to target deep layers of skin and stimulate a healing, tightening effect.

Although RF technology itself is not new, the ThermiTight device is a breakthrough in cosmetic surgery. In addition to skin tightening, the ThermiRF device can be used to treat a wide variety of conditions including:

  • Nerve ablation to treat frown lines
  • Reduce the appearance of cellulite
  • Smooth out lumps after liposuction
  • Reduce excessive underarm sweating
  • Tighten skin on the neck, face and jowls
  • Tighten skin on the arms, abdomen and thighs
  • And much more!

Preferred Provider For ThermiTight in Philadelphia Area

“We are having great success with the neck and underarm areas treatment.  Its the go to device for these procedures.” – Dr. Aaron Shapiro, board certified facial plastic surgeon

Thermi Tight Before & After Photos

Thermi Tight Before & After Langhorne PA

*results may vary

Skin Tightening Langhorne PA

*results may vary

Thermi Tight Before & After

*results may vary

Skin Tightening Langhorne PA

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