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Butt Lift Langhorne PA

What is SPYDR Butt Lift?

Dr. Richard Goldfarb was one of the doctors who created this procedure. Pronounced “Spider”, the SPYDR lift uses special threads similar to those used in the Silhouette Lift procedure. These unique sutures contain special cones that improve lift and retention. The results of a SPYDR butt lift last about 3 to 4 years and a simple retightening procedure is available to extend those results.*

What’s Involved

The SPYDR Butt Lift uses special threads that anchor to fatty tissues of the buttocks and lift the backside into a higher position. This procedure is superior to alternative procedures like butt implants and has little or no downtime.

The SPYDR butt lift can be performed in office, in about an hour, using only local anesthetic.

Before & After Photos

Spydr Butt LiftButt Lift Philadelphia
*Results may vary. Visit our gallery to see more before and after photos.

Enhance Your Results

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