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Micro Needling An Overview

As we age, the natural production of collagen decreases, leading to more visible lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. While injectable treatment options such as Botox and dermal fillers have become the first line of defense against the signs of aging, micro needling can offer results that are both natural and longer lasting.

In addition to facial rejuvenation, micro needling can be used on the body to effectively treat:

  • Acne scars
  • Stretch marks
  • Chicken pox scars
  • Scars on the skin from trauma

Micro Needling What to Expect

Micro needling begins with the application of both a numbing agent and a topical hyaluronic acid (HA) based serum for comfort and a smooth surface.

Your aesthetician will gently move the hand held device over the area(s) to be treated, during which you may feel a gentle pricking on the skin surface. Most patients report that the process is easy, generally painless and allows them to return to their daily routine right away.

Each micro needling session will last for approximately 30 minutes and we will recommend the appropriate number of sessions to achieve your specific goals. Most patients will need 3-6 sessions in total.

You can expect possible mild redness, swelling and/or tenderness in the treated area for a couple of days as the healing process begins with inflammation. After treatment, we will provide after care instructions and recommend professional skin products to protect the skin, promote healing and help maintain your results.

*Disclaimer: results may vary
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