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Mini Necklift Bucks County, PA

Women or men who experience the first signs of aging on their necks should consider having the procedure. As the surgery targets specific areas of the neck, patients who encounter sagging skin or fatty deposits in a certain area of their necks may find the mini neck lift a convenient and quick solution.

This minor surgical procedure effectively removes sagging skin, wrinkles and fatty deposits and restores the neck to its smooth, youthful appearance. With only minor incisions made on targeted areas of the neck, the procedure has become increasingly popular among both men and women.

We offer several different types or techniques for necklift. A traditional necklift is used for patients who need a dramatic improvement in the tightness of skin. Other patients may be candidates for a Silhouette necklift, a minimally invasive technique for patients with early signs of aging. Dr. Shapiro also performs a combination necklift to achieve customized results for patients.

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