Neck Lift & Chin Procedures Philadelphia, PA

Sagging skin in the neck and jowls can have a considerable effect on the appearance of the face. Aaron L. Shapiro, M.D. is one of the most qualified, board-certified facial plastic surgeons in the Bucks County area. He offers a wide range of facial rejuvenation procedures including a neck lift.

We offer several different types of techniques for a neck lift. We provide a traditional neck lift for patients who need a dramatic improvement in the tightness of the skin. Other patients may be candidates for a Silhouette neck lift, a minimally invasive technique for patients with early signs of aging. Dr. Shapiro also performs a combination neck lift to achieve customized results for each patient.

neck and chin treatments in Philadelphia, Bucks County

Mini Neck Lift in Langhorne, PA

It’s time to look young again. Specializing in facial plastic surgery, Dr. Shapiro uses his 20 years of experience to help you achieve radiant results and look and feel years younger.  Named “Top Doc” by the Consumer Council of America, Dr. Shapiro continues to deliver outstanding results to his facelift patients.

Women or men who experience the first signs of aging on their necks should consider having the procedure. As the surgery targets specific areas of the neck, patients who encounter sagging skin or fatty deposits in a certain area of their necks may find the mini neck lift a convenient and quick solution.

When all you need is a little help in looking young again, a mini lift could be just what you need. The perfect solution for a younger-looking face and neck area, this procedure reduces jowls and loose skin in targeted areas. Performed with local anesthesia, the mini-lift uses smaller incisions and has a faster recovery time than a traditional facelift.

Dr. Shapiro pioneered the Mini-Lift more than five years ago and is highly regarded for achieving a natural look for his patients. His calm approach to surgery and skills at putting his patients at ease is a major factor in his success. This minor surgical procedure effectively removes sagging skin, wrinkles, and fatty deposits and restores the neck to its smooth, youthful appearance. With only minor incisions made on targeted areas of the neck, the procedure has become increasingly popular among both men and women.

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Silhouette Neck Lift

From the age of 40, the face and cheeks start to sag and we feel the passage of time. Now, the revolutionary Silhouette Neck Lift gives you the opportunity to get back that face, smile and freshness that you like so much without a general anesthetic, hospitalization and a long recovery time.

Silhouette Lift is a face lift technique that we can perform in less than 45 minutes without any hospitalization. The doctor will use local anesthetic for your comfort. The immediate recovery enables you to go back to normal activities within 2 days. The face typically recovers to a soft and natural state after about 2 weeks. Any signs of the procedure will disappear.*

The Silhouette lift uses a special type of thread. The doctor inserts this thread from the upper side portion of the head through the cheek. Then the doctor will tighten it to lift up the jowls, effectively reshaping the cheeks and neck area. The recovery is quick and most people return to work immediately after the procedure. Patients can feel comfortable knowing that Dr. Shapiro is a national educator and trainer for The Silhouette Lift procedure.

Below are some Silhouette Lift patient testimonials from some of Dr. Goldfarb’s patients:

Kathleen speaking on Silhouette Lift*

Yvette speaking on Silhouette Lift*

Barbara speaking on Silhouette Lift*

Brenda speaking on Silhouette Lift*

Yvette, Kathleen, Barbara all speaking on their experience with Silhouette Lift and Dr. Goldfarb*

Agnes RF in Langhorne, PA

Agnes RF delivers significant contouring and rejuvenating results to the face, jaw, and eye area. This system uses a combination of precision micro-needling and radio-frequency to non-surgically contour and sculpt the face and neck. The targeted radio-frequency helps to stimulate fibroblasts and generate collagen.

What areas on the face can Agnes RF treat?

Agnes RF can offer improvement and rejuvenation to the following skin conditions:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Skin texture
  • Sagging skin
  • Sagging jowls
  • Under Eye Bags
  • Entire eye area
  • Buccal fat pad Reduction

* Results may vary