Silhouette Facelift™ Langhorne, PA

The Center For SmartLipo & Plastic Surgery is the premier cosmetic center in the Philadelphia region for Silhouette Lift™, a minimally invasive, non-surgical facelift procedure. Richard M. Goldfarb, M.D., FACS is the Medical Director for Silhouette Lift. He has helped to develop the technique and is a national and international trainer and lecturer for the Silhouette Lift procedure.

You will see an immediate improvement in the fullness of the face with a greater definition of the contours of the face and jaw. Silhouette Lift has proven to last three to four years in most patients. A quick, outpatient maintenance procedure can help to extend these results for an additional three to four years.

Why Choose Silhouette Lift?

  • Minimally invasive – requires a very small incision to the temporal region.
  • The outpatient procedure performed in a comfortable office environment under local anesthesia.
  • Quick procedure – generally complete in less than an hour.
  • Quick recovery – most patients return to normal activity in 2 to 4 days.
  • Natural-looking results.
  • Safe & effective – FDA approved in the United States and CE marked in Europe.
  • Long-lasting – most patients enjoy results up to 4 years.* A simple retightening procedure can extend results up to an additional 4 years.*
  • Affordable – compared to a traditional facelift, Silhouette Lift is very affordable.

Silhouette Lift™: What to Expect

is a minimally invasive technique used to lift and tighten sagging tissue in the mid to lower face. Silhouette Lift can also be used to tighten sagging skin on the neck and jowls. This non-surgical alternative to a facelift is growing in popularity, having been successfully performed over 25,000 times in 55 countries around the world.

Patient Testimonials