Silhouette Necklift Philadelphia

Silhouette Necklift in Philadelphia, PAFrom the age of 40, the face and cheeks start to sag and we feel the passage of time. Now, the revolutionary new Silhouette Lift gives you the opportunity to get back that face, that smile, that freshness that you like so much, without a general anesthetic, without hospitalization and without a long recovery time. Silhouette Lift is a new face-lift technique that is performed with local anesthetic in less than 45 minutes and without any hospitalization. The immediate recovery enables the patient to go back to normal activities within 2 days and after 2 weeks the face has recovered its soft and natural aspect, and any signs of the procedure have disappeared.*

The Silhouette lift uses a special type of thread that was developed to be inserted under local anesthesia from the upper side portion of the head through the cheek and tightened to lift up the jowls, reshaping the cheeks and neck area. The recovery is quick and most people return to work immediately after the procedure. Patients can feel comfortable knowing that Dr’s Goldfarb and Shapiro are the national trainers for The Silhouette Lift procedure.

Below are some Silhouette Lift patient testimonials from some of Dr. Goldfarb’s patients:

Kathleen speaking on Silhouette Lift*


Yvette speaking on Silhouette Lift*


Barbara speaking on Silhouette Lift*


Brenda speaking on Silhouette Lift*


Yvette, Kathleen, Barbara all speaking on their experience with Silhouette Lift and Dr. Goldfarb*

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