Has your skin lost its elasticity? 

If you suffer from loose or sagging skin, Dr. Durvi Patel can provide personalized thread lifting solutions to help you regain your self-confidence. Thread lifting is an innovative, FDA-cleared Polydioxone (PDO) thread insertion technique used to tighten and contour a variety of areas on the face and body. This procedure is not only good for restoring skin elasticity but also flattening double chins and reducing the appearance of smile lines, wrinkles, and scars. The “threads” are bioabsorbable surgical sutures that are one of the safest medical devices that can be injected into the body. Your skin will fully absorb suture in four to six months, encouraging your skin to naturally produce its own collagen around it. This leaves you with tightened and lifted skin as well as a more youthful appearance overall.


Threadlifting in Langhorne, PA

Patients love the long-lasting facelift results that they get from our thread lifting treatment. You’ll be able to notice results immediately after treatment, and these results will only improve over the next few months as your skin begins to heal and produce new collagen around the sutures. Only a few medical practitioners in the United States are trained in this procedure, and Dr. Goldfarb is one of them. Here are some frequently asked questions we get regarding our thread lifting treatment:

Am I a good candidate for threadlifting?

The ideal thread lifting patient suffers from skin laxity and has not had any surgery in the past 3-4 months. Additionally, we encourage thread lifting patients to avoid heavy smoking or drinking as this may negatively impact their desired results. Patients of any age can receive this treatment.

What symptoms should I expect immediately after my thread lifting treatment?

There is very little downtime following the thread lifting procedure. However, patients should know that some swelling, redness, tenderness, or bruising may occur. You should avoid pulling at your skin or any strenuous workouts for up to two weeks, as this may cause the threads to shift placements.

How long do the threadlifting results last?

This largely depends on the current condition of your skin before treatment. Ultimately, all the inserted threads will fully dissolve after 6-9 months. However, the collagen that builds around the threads may last much longer than the threads themselves. Dr. Goldfarb can provide additional “booster” threads that can be inserted as the effects slow down. The thread lifting procedure is perfectly safe and can be repeated on the same area of the body as many times as desired to achieve or maintain the skin tightening results.