ThermiVa™ Vaginal Rejuvenation Langhorne PA

Nonsurgical Vaginal Rejuvenation

Childbirth and aging can have an affect on the tissue and delicate muscles of the vaginal wall, leading to a decrease in sexual pleasure and other concerns such as stress incontinence. For many women, this also has an affect on their sense of confidence and intimate relationships.

Revolutionary Heat Treatment

Best ThermiVa service awardPhiladelphia area cosmetic physician Dr. Durvi Patel offers ThermiVa™ to address vulvovaginal laxity and improve tissue tone. Developed by ThermiGyn, this revolutionary treatment can restore your sense of confidence and fulfillment when it comes to intimacy in your life.

A non-invasive treatment option, ThermiVa™ uses the proven results of FDA approved ThermiRF™ induced heat to tighten loose skin and tissue in the vaginal area.

Results are lasting and achieved in several brief sessions in the comfort of our Bucks County cosmetic center. With ThermiVa™, there is minimal discomfort during your brief treatment (approximately 30 minutes per session) and normal sexual activity can be resumed the same day.

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Our staff and providers understand the delicate nature of your concerns and provide confidential consultations where you can discuss your medical history and personal goals. We seek to provide compassionate care in a warm setting where patients can feel relaxed as they restore their body and their sense of well being.

Dr. Patel has advanced training in treating women’s health concerns and remains dedicated to maintaining the highest standard of care while providing innovative options for your unique cosmetic goals.

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